I upgraded my Windows 10 Pro Build 1607 work PC to Build 1703 this week.  At the start of the install process, it warned me that it was going to remove a display language and I’d have to reinstall it afterwards.  I’m using en-GB.

Once the upgrade was done, I found that RSAT was no longer installed and its pinned shortcuts on Start were blank with odd text across them.  I reinstalled RSAT (incidentally I’ve read that there will not be a Build 1703 of RSAT and that you just use Build 1607).  It reinstalled suspiciously quickly and the problem remained; including after reboot.

I remember similar issues with previous builds involving having to get the en-US display language installed again as a fix.  Unfortunately I could not persuade it to do so – the relevant part of the GUI kept saying that I needed to connect to the Internet – despite Windows Update working fine!  I think our web filtering proxy software was probably blocking its access in some way.

I eventually had to give up and leave it for another day and so rolled back to Build 1607 (which was quite a quick and painless process).

Later, back at home, I installed the en-US Display Language into my home PC and used Process Monitor to see exactly what got downloaded and installed.  The file was:


I took that CAB file to work today and re-upgraded my PC to Build 1703.  I then ran LPKSETUP.exe which you use to install Display Languages:


After browsing to the CAB file it happily reinstalled the en-US pack, though this was quite a slow process:


Once done, the problem with my shortcuts remained, so I reinstalled RSAT and this time all my pinned shortcuts came back to life (without a further reboot).

I did try and reproduce all this again in a VM at home, hoping to get some more screenshots and to sniff out the URL too but the problem did not occur.  I’m guessing it must be something to do with differences in the locale of the ISO used between work and home.

I hope the above helps someone else!