I’m an English I.T. Professional whose special interests are scripting and automation, software deployment, and malware detection and removal. I write software deployment scripts which are pushed out via SCCM, sometimes to up to a few thousand PCs.

Most of all though, I am a big fan and advocate of PowerShell, and that’s where most of my interest lies. Much of this is ad-hoc day-to-day scripting but I also create more formalised scripts and functions, including a few with Windows Forms via PowerShell to create tools that make my life and those of my colleagues easier. I have also written scripts that run scheduled on servers to automate processes that were previously manual.  I just love scripting, and you should too!

Thanks to PowerShell’s ability to bridge between the former admin-developer divide, I’m even cautiously sniffing around the edges of C♯ and the .NET Framework!

My intention is to use this blog primarily to share things I’ve scripted that others may find useful or just of interest.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey man, Saw you in #powershell asking about [ADSI] objects. I started in on this same issue and found myself here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24769306/843000

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